I was born in Taranta Peligna, a small town in the Abruzzo region.

In 1968 I moved to New York where in 1972 I graduated at the Long Island City High School. Afterwards I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in “fashion drawing” .  My passion for the studies of the human figure continued at the School of Visual Art taking  anatomy courses..

In 1975 I came to Milan, where the need to work drove me temporarily away  from the artistic world.    After a long break, took my charcoal again… and went to Brera  where I finally continued to draw.

From then on the charcoal  wasn’t my only tool, I started  experimenting other techniques giving me new ways of expression.

 I later approached the sculpture where the main subject remains the human body,   With the clay  I  felt as if I was giving birth and life to my “figures” .  

Most of my works are in terracotta, to which I transmit character with different techniques (raku, bitumen, engobes and others). During some symposia I have used large tree trunks, giving them a new artistic life.

With the bronze I created a large sculpture installed permanently at the Monumental Cemetery in Milan.